Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Winning a job interview is not an easy task to accomplish for an applicant of any age these days. Nonetheless, if the candidate is over-age or does not meet the age parameters of the organization, then it becomes more difficult for the candidate to reach the job interview. Most of the companies hesitate hiring over-aged candidates (probably above 45 years of age) due to many reasons.

An over-aged employee would probably not match a young employee in terms of hard work, swiftness in work or willingness to drag for a few extra hours. However, there is a possibility where you can just sneak in the job interviews even though you are over 45 years of age. All you need to do is play smartly while drafting your resume and cover letter. You should take heed that you do not show your over-agedness in any of your documents which are needed to be submitted when applying for a job.

If you have an employment history that is more than 15 years, then you would need to cut short it and mention only those employment details that are up to or less than 15 years. You can include only those work experiences which are corresponding to the job profile you are seeking for and those which are likely to impact the prospective employer in a powerful way. While inserting your work experiences, you can avoid adding the dates and present them smartly in a remarkable manner in your resume and cover letter.

Secondly, you can show your youthful attitude by using some energetic and enthusiastic sentences in your documents. You would certainly not want to portray a dull, spiritless or unenthusiastic image in the mind of the potential employer. This will help you to get away with the factor of 'age bias' and get yourself counted among the cohort of young candidates.

Lastly, do not forget to stick to the basics! Create a professional format for your resume and cover letter so as to demonstrate your professional personality to the recruiter. Remember, to keep them precise and up to the mark.

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